Botaniska Trädgård (Gothenburg) -- 50mm, 1/500, f/16, ISO 2500. Shot with a D750 and the 50mm f/1.4G

Hello !

This is Day 2 of the Facebook challenge. Quick recap: I "have" to post one picture about nature, every day, for seven days. The picture of today is about nature getting tamed by humans. I shot this one in September at the Botanical Garden of Gothenburg. The garden is large and beautiful. The locals go as far as declaring it as the largest in Scandinavia. But they tend to label almost anything as the "largest in Scandinavia". Allegedly,  Gothenburg also has the largest shopping mall of Scandinavia (as I said, allegedly) and the largest amusement park of Scandinavia (you guessed it... allegedly). It makes you wonder what's so wrong about normally sized things (ehm ehm). But I'm digressing (quick cue: I love digressing).

Back to the picture, I was drawn to the scene by the strong primary colors and (for once) the complete lack of distracting white tags explaining what the flowers are. The tags are certainly informative but also require a lot of PhotoShop ;) I took the photo in the late-ish afternoon, when the sun is low enough to filter through the thick vegetation and create a glorious sunburst (second cue: I l-o-v-e sunbursts). The Nikon 50mm lens has 9 diaphragm blades, which means it makes sunbursts with 18 rays (at f/11 or higher). It's just rocks (if you, like me, get excited about this kind of geeky, technical things, of course). The picture also belongs to the period when I discovered that I like a l-o-t to shoot pictures that are front lit, i.e., when the sun is in front of you. I do it a lot nowadays and I believe it makes everything look more magical. Even better if the sun is directly into the frame...

That's it for now... take care and see you tomorrow for day 3.