Looking up. 85mm, 1/125, f1.4, ISO 6400. Panorama from three shots.

This week, Joshua Radin was in town and played at Pustervik. I was at his concert in Stockholm a couple of years back and it was great to watch him live again! He played a lot of old songs this time, to the great delight of my wife. She is a fan from the very beginning... I'm more of a late convert, I confess :)

We were both very tired from work (the gig was on a Tuesday), but we left the concert with our hearts and minds in a very good place. Thank you Joshua!

Entering the stage. 85mm, 1/125, f/1.4, ISO 6400
Singing with the crowd. 85mm, 1/125, f/3.5, ISO 6400
Dancing, playing and singing. 85mm, 1/125, f/4, ISO 3200