The directions to the easy-to-hike path are hard to miss...

Before the daylight hours shrink down to ridiculous levels, we took the chance to go for a walk at a nearby lake. The lake of Surte is 20 min north of Gothenburg. It's part of a natural preservation area and has an easy-to-hike path that goes all around it. Of course, we did not find the easy-to-hike path right away, and ended up on the hard-to-climb trail in the slippery woods. Eventually, we found the right path... without breaking a leg. Although the weather was grey and cold, we really enjoyed the autumn colours (hey, cloudy skies are great for pictures... wink wink). The focus, this time, was on enjoying the walk rather than photographing. So, this post is rather short by necessity (translated: "for the sake of my own marital life, I refrained from taking a gazillion of pictures this time"). 

The lake shore. 24mm on a full-frame, 2 sec, f/16, ISO 100
Alone in the wind of life. 24mm, 0.4 sec, f/16, ISO 100. A stack of 9 shots was used to achieve the movement in the water and the tree (no time to screw on the necessary 6-stops ND filter). A single reference shot was used for the crispy foreground and the sky.