Let spring come

April 28, 2016

17mm, 1/50, f/8, ISO 100. Shot on a full-frame camera.

Hello !

Yesterday after work I grabbed my camera and I floated through the traffic all the way to Järntorget, in the center of Gothenburg. I knew the tree were in full bloom because I saw them a couple of days ago. Strange, I thought, 'cause the temperatures are still quite artic. Maybe the trees just had enough of waiting ;)

The guy leaning against the pole made most of this picture. Mother nature did the rest. 

That's it for now...

New desktop picture

April 27, 2016

85mm, 2 sec, f/16, ISO 100. Show with a full-frame camera on a tripod and an ND filter.

Hello !

I made a new desktop background picture for my laptop. It's both visually "busy" and "calm" at the same time. I shot it at Gullberg Strand in Gothenburg at around 8PM. The area is completely deserted at that time, with a lot of wreak boats, and the nearby road is used by local "johnnies" to test their pimped-up, loud cars. It didn't feel entirely safe. But I got a nice pic :-P

That's it for now...


April 25, 2016

85mm, 1/4000, f/2, ISO100. Shot on a full-frame camera.

Hello !

I had to wait for about 10 minutes on a windy and cold spot, but finally this seagull accepted to line up in my viewfinder the way I wanted. The lion was much more collaborative instead ;)

That's it for now...

Dreaming of a Beach

April 24, 2016

85mm, 1/4000, f/2.0, ISO 100. Shot on a full-frame camera.

Hello !

It's 7 degrees in Sweden and I heard it was snowing in Belgium today. Crazy stuff. It seems like the spring season is never coming this year and the summer holiday is still far far away. And yet, I find myself dreaming of a beach vacation more and more often these days. As such, discovering this boat docked in Gothenburg felt like a sign*. I'll keep dreaming till the day will actually come :)

That's it for now... hold on till the weather turns for the better.

*Strand means beach in Swedish, German, Dutch and pretty much any other Germanic language.

Cool graffiti (Part 2)

April 22, 2016

27mm, 1/100, f/16, ISO 400. Shot on an APS-C camera.

Hello !

As promised yesterday, here comes the second urban dragon :)

That's it for now...

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