In Donsö

March 18, 2017

Thee sheep with an escape plan. 24mm on full-frame. 1/80, f/5.6, ISO 100

We went for a stroll in Donsö, an island of the souther archipelago of Gothenburg. We looked for the "naturstig" (hiking trail) and at its very beginning we encountered this curious and social fellas. Am I the only one thinking these sheep have crazy eyes?

24mm on full-frame. 1/80, f/5.6, ISO 100

Window reflections

March 13, 2017

50mm on all frame. 1/250, f/4, ISO 100

This weekend I was back in Copenhagen to visit my newly-born nephew (I met him for the first time!). On Saturday morning, the light was just great (if not a bit harsh) and the windows were reflecting the scarce activity of a few humans.

50mm on full frame. 1/160, f/8, ISO 100. Composite from three shots.

At the station

March 5, 2017

50mm on full-frame. Composite.

Step outside of the central station in Gothenburg and you will be presented with this cute little view over a canal. Crossing it (the way these girls are doing it) is not allowed... but it's too cool to resist.

I was testing some new gear: an awesome 50mm lens and a 10-stops ND filter (which I got as a present from my wife). This picture is a composite of one long exposure (80 seconds at f/16) to get the water and some shorter exposures (at 1/20 sec) to get the tram and the girls in the right position. I like the painterly feeling of the result.


February 19, 2017

24mm, 1/3 sec, f/16, ISO 100

This weekend, my wife and I went to our favourite cafe in the Northern Archipelago of Gothenburg. After a delicious slice of raspberry pie, we went for a short walk on the rocky coast of Hälsö island. The conditions weren't ideal for a walk (cold and cloudy) but quite interesting for photography. I took my 24mm with me, plus the tripod and my variable 1-to-8 stops ND filter. 

24mm, 8 sec, f/16, ISO 100. ND filter. Focus staking from two images.

Street photos in Copenhagen

February 4, 2017

Robocop cyclist. 50mm (full-frame), 1/100, f/4, ISO 400

I spent a weekend in Copenhagen. It was a lovely family time and a lot of walking through the city streets. I took only one lens with me (a prime, of course) and I focussed more on interacting with the friendly people that were with me, than photographing strangers and other things. But a city often gives you plenty of photo opportunities and it is sometimes hard to resist...

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